12L Hand-pushed Broadcast Spreader 45cm

  • €4900

The robust  12L hand-pushed broadcast spreader is a universal tool for gardening and various other tasks all year round. Whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter, the compact hand cart can be used versatilely to spread seeds, fertiliser, road salt, grit and more.

Say goodbye to laborious and uneven spreading by hand. The ten-stage spreading quantity control with a spreading width of 450 mm allows for a much more evenly distribution on flower beds, lawns or driveways. The grit quantity can be adjusted with the handy control lever at the seed hopper for optimum results.

The handheld broadcast seeder has a capacity of 12 litres for fast and efficient operation without constant refilling. When refilling is necessary, the solid support legs prevent the trolley from tilting over. The container is made of robust and weather-resistant plastic and is therefore ideally suited for winter service to spread road salt, grit, sand or granulate.

The frame and the long-handled handhold of the spreader are made of high-quality aluminium tubes for convenient and comfortable steering on pavements, in driveways or gardens. Thanks to the two large, smooth-running plastic tires, the universal spreader can also be used on uneven or muddy ground.

Our  12L hand-pushed broadcast spreader is easy to assemble and stowable when not in use. Sowing lawn seeds, spreading fertiliser and lime or gritting pavements and driveways has never been easier.


• Handy walk-behind broadcaster for even spreading
• 12L hopper, 45cm spread width and 10 adjustments
• Plastic tyres for easy pushing on uneven ground
• Sturdy aluminium frame with handle for safe grip
• Year-round use: seeds in summer; grit in winter


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