XXL Hare Hutch Bunny Hatch Enclosure Small Animals Cage

  • €10,00000

For the keeping of bunnies, rabbits, and guinea pigs respect the needs of those animals, there is room required for daily movement and a safe refugium where the animals are protected from enemies and weather. This hutch for small animals made from plywood and spruce wood has two levels and can complete a large free enclosure for keeping of small animals. The upper level is a barn elevated so that the free enclosure ranges over the entire floor space. The animals access the barn via a non-skid ramp.
The barn has a total length of 211 cm, and both the barn and enclosure are roofed. The roofs, being bitumen-coated, protect the inhabitants of the barn from rain. To allow easy cleaning and handling, the enclosure has three doors, and the barn one. The floor of the little house is a dirt bin that can easily be removed and comfortably cleaned.

Note: Pygmy rabbits, for instance, are highly social animals and should be kept in groups of at least three. This group needs at least 6 square metres of floor space plus a separate sleeping house for each animal. We therefore ask you: We kindly ask you to always inform yourself about the species-appropriate requirements before acquiring the respective animal.

Dimensions: Size main house: 65 x 53 x 83.5 cm Size of side houses: 68 x 53 x 62 cm Total length: 2.10 metres

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