XL Bird Aviary Cage 146 x 54 x 54 cm for Small Birds and Budgies

  • €15900
  • Save €3000

This bird cage made of powder-coated steel in anthracite-coloured hammered look is ideal for keeping budgies, canaries or other small species of birds. Due to its size, it offers enough space for several animals.

The cage has two large doors so that the inside is easy to reach and the daily care of the birds is easy. This means that the four perches made of spruce wood can be easily attached to the desired place within the cage.
To facilitate the work on the cage and further ensure a secure stand, the four floor rollers are each equipped with a parking brake. With the removable sand drawer, cleaning is quick and easy. The highlight of this is that the cage has a solid floor grille, so that it remains completely closed during cleaning and no protégé can break free.

The cage also comes with a feeding station and a water dispenser.

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