Wooden Rodent Hutch, 2 Floors, Large Enclosure, Rabbits, Coneys etc.

  • €10,00000

Keeping rabbits, coneys or guinea pigs in a species-appropriate way requires a lot of space for daily exercise and a safe retreat as protection from predators or rain. This wooden rodent hutch over two floors (shed & outdoor enclosure) offers your animals this additional sleeping place and shelter.

The weatherproof animal hutch is made of spruce wood and has an overall dimension of 1420 x 650 x 1000 mm. The pet house and the outdoor enclosure are connected by a ramp. Both, the hutch and the lower level, are equipped with two doors each for easy cleaning, access and connection to larger outdoor enclosures.

The floor of the hutch is equipped with a base tray that can be easily pulled out for convenient cleaning. The roof of the hutch is covered with bitumen and protects the inside from moisture.

Please note: animals like rabbits, for example, are social animals that should be kept in groups of at least three. This group needs a floor space of at least 6 square metres plus a separate sleeping house per animal as shelter. Please inform yourself about the species-appropriate keeping conditions and comply with them before acquiring the respective animal.

Dimensions: 1420 x 650 x 1000 mm

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