Wall Shelf 115 x 78 cm Tool Holders 23 Pieces Stackable Boxes Storage Boxes Extra Strong Wall Panels

  • €11900

More order and overview in warehouses, workshops, garages with our workshop shelves. Our universal wall shelves with different stacking boxes and tool holders ensure order and overview in many areas. For the professional and DIY enthusiast. Universally applicable for screws, nuts, nails, many other small parts and of course tools of any kind, whether hammer, screwdriver, spanners and many more.

Pack of 14. Box 80 x 115 x 60 mm, colour: red, pack of 9. Box 120 x 195 x 90 mm | Colour Red Tool Holder: 2 x Wrench Tray, 4 x Terminal Strips, 8 x Tool Hooks M Small, 8 x Tool Hooks XXL Large, 16 x Tool Clamp 1 x Large Universal Tool Holder Plastic Red Size: 384 x 111 x 50 mm 1 x Large Universal Tool Holder Plastic Red Size: 580 x 158 x 67 mm, 4 wall plates, 576 x 390 mm
Storage boxes can be individually removed, individual arrangement of boxes and holders possible



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