Trellis Arched Espalier for Roses 205x50x208cm Steel Aid for Climbing Plants Garden Arch

  • €11900

With this rose arch, you will get both a useful trellis and a stylish eye-catcher in one single product. The climbing aid is ideal to give climbing plants and roses some hold during their growth. For climbing plants like wisteria, clematis, or grape wine form leaf tendrils that they can clutch to the trellis with and grow upwards.

The 205 × 50 × 208 cm (L×W×H) large trellis being clasped with dark green tendrils and the gorgeous blossoms of passion flower, honeysuckle, or cathedral bells opening, your home’s garden will offer a brilliant and picturesque sight. Furthermore, the sideward spikes give the rose arch a classy charm.

The steel construction made up from 20 × 20 mm large frame tubes permits the climbing aid to withstand a lot of challenges. The material thickness of the frame tubes is 0.5 mm and the threads between the frame have a thickness of 4.5 mm. For the rose arch to have a secure stand, it is stuck into the ground.

Dimensions: Overall size: 205 × 50 × 208 cm Frame tubes: 20 × 20 with 0.5 mm thickness Thickness of threads: 4.5 mm


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