Trailer dolly 110x72x30cm(43.3x28.3x11.8") hand grip 270kg (590lbs)

  • €11000

Caravans offer a cost-efficient piece of home and the own four walls on wheels guarantee a relaxing camping vacation. However, there is a problem that campers keep facing again and again: The vehicles are difficult to manoeuver, and some parking lots are difficult to approch. On such occasions, until now, you had to improvise, make use of your muscles, or perform tyresome steering manoeuvers.

This manoeuvering aid for caravans solves the problem in a convenient way. The manoeuvering of the vehicles is effected by back-protecting means and merely by a slight physical effort. Even the manoeuvering within confined spaces is no longer a problem.

The device with the dimensions of 110x72x30 cm and the large pneumatic tyres are well-suited for car trailers with coupling for all commonly used models of caravans and a capacity load of up to 270 kg.

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