Toboli Foldable SUP Trolley 48x63x36cm 2 SUP / Surfboard / Kayak 45 kg

  • €10,00000

Do you know what it feels like to explored lakes and rivers with a standup paddle board (SUP) and experience untouched nature? Or to conquered the waves with a surfboard in a fresh sea breeze?

Don’t let dragging uncomfortably bulky equipment get in the way of your passion. This foldable SUP trolley makes it easy to transport elongated water sports equipment such as surfboards, water skis, kayaks and canoes from the car trailer to the water.

The compact transport cart has a sturdy frame made of saltwater-resistant aluminium and is suitable for boards with a maximum width of 16 cm. For safe loading and unloading, the SUP carrier is equipped with folding supports. The soft foam padding protects your stand-up paddle board from scratches and bumps during transport.

The lightweight SUP cart is equipped with two wheels made of polyurethane (PU). The large tyres allow easy manoeuvring on any surface, whether it’s sandy, stony or muddy. This allows you to push or pull surfboards etc. up to a weight of 45 kg comfortably and with little effort.

The scope of delivery includes a lashing strap and hooks to securely fastened the board on the surf trolley. When not in use, the SUP trolley can be folded up quickly and stored in a space-saving way. For this purpose, the wheels can be removed.

Dimensions: 48 x 63 x 36 cm

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