Table Football Professional 45 kg

  • €29900

The professional football table in excellent quality

A quality product for all ambitious leisure players. Dimensions assembled (without bars) 137 x 75 x 87 cm. 8 quality 6" diameter hollow steel bars. Playing field dimensions: approx. 113.3 x 69.5 cm.

Technical data:
Dimensions (assembled): 137 x 75 x 87 cm,
playing field dimensions: 113 x 69 cm,
8 high-quality hollow steel bars, Ø 15.8mm (5/8") hollow steel bars (lighter, guarantee less wrist fatigue ), non-slip handles
Ball inlets on opposite sides, automatic ball return system
Goals: 20 x 8 cm (tournament dimensions), 2 goal counters (1-10)
2 balls with a diameter of 35 mm
Seamlessly raised corners for flow of the game, distance between figure and playing field 12 mm
Body is made of MDF, wall thickness: 24 mm, MDF boards, with edge protection,
rods are stored in plain bearings, much better than ball bearings because they are more robust and wear-resistant.
Table is height-adjustable with screw feet, height-adjustable and chrome-plated feet with rubber coating.
Total weight of the foosball table: 45 kg.

Contents: two complete sets of figures (blue and white) and 2 balls for an optimal playing experience, ball inlets on opposite sides, automatic ball return system, body and legs made of plastic-laminated wood, stable crossbars, rotating feet, 2 score bars (1- 10), assembly instructions with pictures.