Swegway Hover board e Scooter Kart Seat Black

  • €2900
  • Save €7000

Keep yourself and your children happy! Combine driving pleasure with safety, using this e-board extension.The seat is compatible with all popular e-boards with a size of 16.5 cm, 20.3 cm and 25.4 cm and has a maximum load capacity of 120 kg due to its sturdy steel frame. The board can be converted into a seat scooter in just a few simple steps.

The kart seat offers maximum safety and comfort thanks to its comfortable, ergonomic seat plus long, padded handlebar grips, which ensure optimum control and manoeuvrability. Thanks to the adjustable frame, which can be extended up to 100 cm, the foot pedals can be adjusted to suit the height of the driver exactly.

Please note:
Always use appropriate protective equipment, such as a helmet and knee pads. Adult supervision is also recommended for children.
The kart seat is prohibited for use on public roads and on cycle and pedestrian paths. Please check your local regulations and restrictions. It should therefore only be used off-road or on private land.

The hover-board is not included.


Compatible with 6.5, 8 and 10 inch self balancing scooters.
Adjustable size with a weight capacity of 120 kg.
Easy to set up.
Easy to use for an even more comfortable ride.
Colour: Blue.

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