Stainless Steel Shelf 120x50x155cm with 4 Boards for Restaurants, etc.

  • €26900

A sturdy shelf made of stainless steel with 4 shelf boards, which is ideal for the use in kitchens and restaurants.

As the construction is made of solid stainless steel, the shelves are easy to clean and thus hygienic for food to be placed on. The shelf legs can be altered in height and can therefore also stand on uneven grounds without being unstable, the shelf boards can be altered in height without much effort as well and are capable of carrying heavy kitchen machinery, food supplies and other equipment. Aside from kitchens and restaurants, these shelves are also great for garages and home use. The shelves can be placed wherever space needs to be used effectively and provide enough storage space for numerous items.

Dimensions: Total dimensions: 120 x 50 x 155 cm Shelves: 118 x 48 cm Side tube: 48 x 48 mm

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