Sports Safety Mat, Puzzle Mats Including: Edge pieces protective mat / underlay mat / fitness mat / floor protection mat

  • €5900

12-piece sports puzzle mat set (1.08 m²) including: edge pieces; modular - can be  combined and expanded.
Versatile: 1 set includes a 180 x 60 cm fitness mat or a 120 x 90 cm floor protection mat for a cross trainer, ergo meter, etc.
Can be combined: By combining several sets, mats of any size can be created or even entire rooms can be laid out; especially beautiful results by combining several colours.
Edge finish: Edge pieces are supplied for each piece of the puzzle - so you always have a clean, straight edge with practically any mat shape
The mats are made of soft and durable EVA and can be cut with a knife if necessary; each set contains 12 puzzle mats of 31x31cm each, 12 edge pieces, 4 edge pieces with corner finish.

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