Spacious home office computer desk for gaming, work and study

  • €10,00000

The versatile Stoke desk from tectake creates ideal conditions for work efficiency in your home office. The computer desk is designed in the typical industrial style, the construction of cool steel and warm wood looks tidy due to its minimalism, which enhances productivity and creativity. The desks resilient tabletop offers plenty of space, allowing for convenient storage of important documents in the four side compartments, ensuring they are always easy to access. In addition to the excellent stability and high durability of the furniture, the fine grain gives the easy-care surfaces of the shelves an appealing appearance. Make use of the desk to improve your work environment to study effectively and meet deadlines, not allowing any distractions to stand in your way. A practical charmer: the stylish Stoke desk.

Product Highlights:

Straightforward design in typical industrial style
Resilient MDF boards with fine grain and protective melamine coating
Stable surface and steel frame with powder coating
Four side storage compartments
Height-adjustable plastic feet
Easy to clean
Quick and easy setup


Total dimensions (WxDxH): approx. 137x55x75cm
Desk top (WxD): approx. 137x55cm
Upper side compartments (WxDxH): approx. 20.5x53x30.5cm
Lower side compartments (WxDxH): approx. 20.5x53x28cm
Thickness of MDF boards: approx. 1.5cm
Distance between lower side compartments and floor: approx. 10cm
Steel frame (WxD): approx. 2x2cm
Adjustable range of the plastic feet: approx. 1.5cm
Load capacity desk top: 150kg
Load capacity per side compartment: 50kg
Weight: approx. 18.9kg
Material: MDF board, powder-coated steel, polyethylene

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