Small cat house insulated cat house whelping box weatherproof

  • €1,00000

Cats need a wind and weather-protected place to retreat, cuddle and sleep. In this shelter they find protection from rain, cold, wind but also sun and heat. This outdoor house is simply ideal

for yard and free-roaming cats . The shapely and functional cat house not only decorates the garden, it also offers an ideal home for the four-legged friend. The cat house has the dimensions 68 cm x 56 cm x 45 cm and is made entirely of wood. A bitumen-coated pitched roof and a hatch covered with transparent plastic slats complete the pretty design. The cat house

is mounted on 4 feet. This protects the house from soil moisture.

The wooden walls and the floor are insulating and made with 3 layers on top of each other. On an 18 mm solid wood panel there is a 10 mm polystyrene layer and an additional 3 mm washable fiberboard; The walls and floor of the insulating cat house insulate the interior optimally. The floor has an additional, removable plate for easy removal and cleaning.

The weatherproof wooden construction is firmly fixed with screws.


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