Skipping Rope max. 285cm 3 Weights and Handles w/Ball Bearing

  • €2999

This weighted skipping rope helps you to burn a decent bunch of calories. Though rope skipping is often considered as a childish or even babyish occupation, it is far more than that, isn’t it? Skipping-ropes are marvellous training devices, as they increase the level of fitness and strengthen the endurance as well as the sense of balance and coordination. After all, jump roping is quite a challenging cardio training causing a lot of movement on smallest a surface.

The handles are equipped with ball bearings made of rust-free steel that make for a smooth rotation. The jump rope can be used with three different weights. To do so, the scope of delivery includes three ropes that can be fixed to the handles – voila, ready for action! There is a yellow rope with a 66 grammes weight, a red one at 120 grammes, and a black one weighing 200 grammes. All skipping ropes have a maximum length of 285 cm and can be adjusted to the length needed: While you are in a comfortable posture, your arms and shoulders should be relaxed and your backbone in a neutral position. Now you step on the centre of the rope with one foot while holding the handles and pulling them upwards. The handles should end up at armpit or chest level to have the perfect length for the actual body.

This who wishes to diversify or simply complete his or her normal training, can now integrate the weighted skipping rope into his or her workout exercises. Whether as independent cardio training or warming-up programme for other exercises, the jump rope is always close by. For it is a lightweight, does not demand a lot of space, and can be carried everywhere. It is by diversifying your training and the stress exerted onto your muscles that these are activated in a better and more extensive way. In this manner, training may pay off faster.

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