Sezer Premium Cattle Brush

  • €1,15000

Sezer Premium Cattle Brush

• Cleans cattle from parasites and dirt
• Accelerates blood circulation and skin quality
• Protects animal health and comfort
• Decreases stress
• Increases the production of milk and meat by %10
• Helps animals to get rid off parasites where they can not reach especially at eye area

• Touch operated with a balance sensor
• Protects the tail from sticking with bi-directional turn function
• Support bracket and other mounting materials are included machine
• 180 degrees angle, brushing the head, eye surroundings (Where the parasites appear mostly) neck and back

When the brush is not in motion (when not in use), the electric motor stops
In the event of a jam it automatically rotates the brush in the opposite direction

220-240V - 3 pin Irish plug
Dimensions : 430 mm., Length: 640 mm
Weight : 40 KG
Motor Power : 0.18 KW / 0.25 KW
Advised Hanging Height : 90 cm between the bottom and floor

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