Roof Rack for Kayaks 2 Pieces Folding Aluminium Holder with Straps

  • €10,00000

With these kayak carriers you can safely transport different types of boats, such as kayaks or canoes, on the roof of your car.  Thanks to the J-shape of the holders, they can be quickly mounted on and dismounted from almost all vehicle roof racks. The kayak racks are characterised in particular by their great flexibility. The centre arm of the kayak carriers, for example, can be rotated by 180° so that the carriers can be optimally adjusted to the kayak you wish to transport. The fact that they are adjustable also makes them easy to store. Thanks to the foldable kayak holder, precise transport is guaranteed – no matter whether you are transporting one or two kayaks, canoes, SUPs or other equipment. The middle arm has a height of 480 mm and the support surface has a length of 730 mm.

The kayak rack is made of aluminium, which confers stability and durability. A foam padding provides a secure grip and damage-free transport of the boat. This also helps to prevent friction. In case the roof rack is used for one or two kayaks with the centre arm raised, the load weight should be a maximum of 45 kg. When carrying large kayaks with the centre arm flat, the load should be a maximum of 68 kg. For even more safety, you can use the provided fastening straps to attach the kayak firmly to the carrier.

Dimensions: Length of base: 730 mm Height of centre arm: 480 mm Length of securing straps: approx. 3.6 m Length of securing ropes: approx. 4.5 m

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