• €21900

This seat come with multiple points of adjustability so that you can tailor the position of the seat perfectly.

  • Comfortable body-hugging seat, made with a durable frame, hardwearing faux leather covered over long lasting and comfortable high density foam. This baby is going to last you for years.
  • Posture is key when spending a long time on a chair whether its work or gaming or both. Not only is the chair comfortable you can recline up to 170-degrees, adjust the height, tilt/lock, and rock. It also included a fully adjustable back cushion.
  • This chair comes with an extendable footrest. Just slide it out whenever you want to put your feet up and retract it when you want to use the chair as a work horse. The footrest is a great luxury when in the fully reclined position.
  • The reinforced caster wheels are superb, styled like alloy wheels and glide smoothly on all surfaces. They are also hard-floor scratch resistant. Gliding around the room will be a joy.


Material Faux Leather
Total Height 120 to 128 cm
Backrest Height 79 cm
Backrest Width 53 cm
Seat Height 48 to 56 cm
Seat Width 53 cm
Seat Depth 50 cm