Rabbit Open Enclosure 183x122x60cm Guinea Pig Run with Sun Protection

  • €9900
  • Save €2000

This pet open enclosure allows safe playing and grazing outdoors. Due to its spacious size, this enclosure provides enough room for your pet, allowing it to run and play to its heart's content.

The chrome coated, extremely sturdy metal construction has a total size of 183 x 122 x 60 cm and is equipped with three doors, which allow for an easy access and can be locked reliably. The run has a roof, which protects the animals from birds of prey as well as other dangers, but also stops the pet from escaping - therefore you do not have to keep an eye on your animal at all times. The sun protection attached to the roof also helps provide a shady spot on sunny days.

The run can be set up without much effort and stands firmly due to the 4 ground anchors. When not in use, it can be dismantled quickly and stowed away without taking up too much space.


Total size: 183 x 122 x 60 cm
Gaps between bars (on the sides): 29 mm
Gaps between bars: 29 – 35 mm
Bar thickness (vertical/ horizontal): 3 x 3.5 mm

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