Rabbit hutch Open enclosure Spruce wood Pet hutch

  • €10,00000

For the keeping of bunnies, rabbits, and guinea pigs respect the needs of those animals, there is room required for daily movement and a safe refugium where the animals are protected from enemies and weather. This rabbit hutch made from spruce wood can complete a large free enclosure for keeping of small animals. The model in triangular form has the dimensions 118 cm × 50 cm × 45 cm.

The hutch offers the animals a large free enclosure and a shelter and sleeping berth, a little house. For the cleaning and accessing to be as simple as possible, there is a large door on both the little house and the enclosure. Moreover, the doors can be used to enter an additional large open enclosure. Simply place the hutch inside your home enclosure and block the door in an open position.

Note: Pygmy rabbits, for instance, are highly social animals and should be kept in groups of at least three. This group needs at least 6 square metres of floor space plus a separate sleeping house for each animal. We therefore ask you: We kindly ask you to always inform yourself about the species-appropriate requirements before acquiring the respective animal.

Dimensions: 1180 x 500 x 450 mm

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