Rabbit Barn with Two Levels & Stairs, Removable Floor, Red-white

  • €18900

For the keeping of bunnies, rabbits, and guinea pigs respect the needs of those animals, there is much room required. Not only do the animals require daily movement, but also do they need a safe refugium where they are protected from enemies and weather. This rabbit hutch made from spruce wood has two levels and can complete a large free enclosure for keeping of small animals.

Every level has its own rest area, and the small animals have access to the levels via robust stairs equipped with stabiliser bars that give additional footing. The different rest zones offer the animals enough space to cuddle or to take a restful nap.

For every zone of the barn to be easy to clean and handle, both the lower and upper level have two doors each. Even the large roof is folding. The upper level has the advantage of being equipped with a floor that is a removable dirt bin at the same time, allowing easy cleaning and disinfection.

The barn is situated on two wooden feet, thus protecting the small animals from the coldness and moisture coming from the floor. The frame of the hutch is made from wood and painted in red and white. The wooden structure is covered with a zinc-coated grid that is weather-proof and allows good air circulation. The folding roof isolated with bitumen protects the animals from rain.

Note: Pygmy rabbits, for instance, are highly social animals and should be kept in groups of at least three. This group needs at least 6 square metres of floor space plus a separate sleeping house for each animal. We therefore ask you: We kindly ask you to always inform yourself about the species-appropriate requirements before acquiring the respective animal.

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