QUAD ATV / RIDE ON LAWNMOWER trailer foldable trailer wheelbarrow

  • €37900

This ATV trailer  is suitable for gardening, landscaping and other tasks and guarantees a stable and robust design. A very practical and lightweight trailer, no task is too big. The trailer is perfect for your gardening and offers you an effortless transport for your tools, as the trailer offers a large load capacity of 295 kg.

Manoeuvring in the terrain becomes easy with this practical trailer and can be used in any terrain thanks to the pneumatic tyres. The trailer is suitable for use with small tractors, ATVs, quads and commercial vehicles.

The practical tilting function allows for easy loading and discharge, and the trailer has a towing hitch for use with ATVs and other vehicles. 


Product Specification:
The trailer has pneumatic tyres ensures quick reach of your transport goals.
The trailer can ride in any terrain with ease.
The trailer can be used with your small tractor, ATV, quad or your commercial vehicles.
The trailer can be loaded with up to 295 kg and has a loading area of 10 cubic feet.
The tilting function allows for easy loading and unloading.

Load capacity: 295 kg.
Total dimensions: 820 x 950 x 1930 mm.
Loading area: 300 x 940 x 1210 mm.
Height (from the top end of the loading area): 736 mm.
Axle: 508 mm.
Pneumatic tyres: 16 inches x 8-7.