Push Broadcast Salt and Fertiliser Spreader 20 kg

  • €10900

This push broadcast spreader is a versatile tool for maintaining your garden, drive and walkway. The gritter is ideal for all kinds of spreading material: grass seeds and fertilizer, but also road salt or sand. The push broadcas cart ensures even spreading, which makes it especially easy to turn a fallow piece of land into a lush, green meadow, for instance. Or use the spreader to maintain already existing lawns, which migth have been damaged after a dry summer or long winter. Simply cover the bare patches with new seeds and add some fertiliser.

In winter, the push broadcast spreader is perfect for distributing road salt or sand evenly on slippery ground. You don't have to use your bare hands or ruin your gloves. The universal spreader is even suitable for spreading lime or gritting material.

The spreader has a plastic hopper with a capacity of 20 kg. The handle is equipped with a mechanism to start or stop the seed distribution. The amount of material to be spread can also be set at the handle. The spreading disc is driven by an angular gear. The spreading width is up to one meter to the right/left from the gritter, depending on the pushing speed. To make the pushing more comfortable, the push broadcast spreader is equipped with plastic wheels.


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