Punch Bag Boxing Set Filled 56 cm With 10kg + Bracket with Boxing Gloves and Wraps

  • €16900

Professional training possibilities
Robust punching bad incl. ceiling mount
High-quality boxing gloves
Incl. tape

Technical details:

Total dimensions punching bag (LxØ): 56 x 26 cm
Total height incl. mounting: approx: 80 cm
Total dimensions boxing gloves (LxW): 25 x 20 cm
Size: 6 oz
Total dimensions tape (LxW): 220 x 5 cm
Weight: 10 kg
Materials punching bag: artificial leather, fabric, sand bag and EPE
Material boxing gloves: artificial leather, foam material
Material tape: fabric

Scope of delivery:

1 punching bad incl. ceiling mount
1 set boxing gloves (size: 6 oz)
1 set of tape
Instruction manual


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