Pull-up Bar for Door Frames 93–110cm Non-slip Handles 180kg

  • €10,00000

Our pull up-bar for door frames is just the right sports equipment for effective fitness training at home. Simply clamp the pull-up bar into the door frame at home and it is ready to use. Not only are you independent of the opening hours of your gym, but also this training device does not need a lot of space, as would others. All you need is a door frame, which can be found in virtually every house.

The pull-up bar can be clamped steplessly into your door frame of 93 to 110 cm of width and does not need any mounting with screws. The exercise effectively strengthens different muscles like back muscles, abdominals, triceps, and biceps. The durable pull-up bar is made of steel and is suitable for a maximum load of 180 kg.

The pull-up bar for door frames has a diameter of 32 mm and is very lightweight. The grip surfaces have foam handles to ensure a good grip even for sweaty hands.

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