Professional Roof Rack Set 4pcs. for Kayaks with Lashing Straps

  • €10,00000

This kayak rack is the ideal aid for safely transporting watercrafts, such as kayaks and canoes, by car. The mounting system consists of 4 brackets that can easily be attached to a car's roof rack. The brackets are thereby mounted in pairs of 2, meaning that 2 are placed in the front of the roof rack and 2 in the rear. Due to the flexible joints of the clamps, kayaks can not only be loaded and unloaded from either the front or the rear of the car, but even from its side.

Equipped with special padding these brackets adapt to the shape of the loaded watercraft and are therefore compatible with most kayak hulls and SUP-boards. The combination of these adaptive brackets and 2 lashing straps reliably ensures that the loaded vehicle will remain in place without it being scratched or damaged.

The system can thereby be used for watercrafts with a weight of up to 70 kg and is suitable for square steel crossbeams with a max. size of 3.5 x 3 cm as well as normal roof racks with T-groove (>2 cm). However, the width of the roof rack should not exceed a size of 10 cm.

Dimensions: 22,5 x 8,3 x 11 cm

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