Power Station Fitness Station Power Rack Power Cage Pull-Up Double Bar Robust Frame

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Get your full body workout home with the power station. Pull ups, squats, bench presses and flexion exercises - the training variety of this functional fitness station with  pull-up double bar, clip-on dip bars and barbell slips is almost limitless. Two solid, height-adjustable safety struts ensure maximum safety and stability during every exercise. The construction of the robust tubular steel construction can be easily managed on its own. Set up your own gym and train undisturbed at the best time with the professional power station.


Home power station with almost limitless exercise possibilities
For beginners and professionals
Pull up double bar with many grip options
Durable tubular steel frame
4 height-adjustable, rubberised barbell removals
2 solid safety struts.
Snap on dip rods
High load capacity.
Stable stand.
Easy to assemble

Technical details:

Total dimensions (L x W x H): 120 x 142.5 x 215 cm (item 402737 / 402739).
Total dimensions (L x W x H): 136 x 142.5 x 215 cm (item 402598 / 402738).
Steel frame diameter: 5 cm.
Steel frame material: 2 mm.
Adjustable range: 12-65 inches
Number of height settings: 28
Hole spacing: 5 cm.
Adjustable width dip poles: 56, 61, 67 cm.
Barbell measurements (L x W): 8 x 5 cm.
Approved user weight: 100 kg.
Load capacity: 100 kg (item 402598 / 402738).
Weight rack: 75 kg.
Lat pull suitable for standard weights with 25 mm attachment (item 402598 / 402738).
Weight: 58 kg (item 402737 / 402739).
Weight: 73 kg (item 402598 / 402738).
Material: steel, polypropylene

Box contents:

Power station
Assembly instructions

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