Portable Laptop Desk, 360° Tabletop Height Adjustable, Fan, Mouse Tray

  • €3900
  • Save €1000

With this portable laptop desk you can change your working place and position without any problems. shifting your body posture regularly stimulates your mental performance and ideally prevents painful malpositions of the neck or spine. That is why the inclination of the tabletop can be adjusted from 0° to 360°. The height of the computer stand can also be adjusted up to 48 cm.

The notebook tray has a size of 42 x 26 cm and therefore ideal for use in bed, on the couch, sofa, floor or in a meadow or garden. You can comfortably use the keyboard and screen in a sitting, lying or any other position without straining your back or muscles, for example. To prevent the laptop from sliding down from the inclined tabletop, the desk is equipped with a high edge and two small supports. The integrated ventilator has an air flow of max. 94 cfm and a speed of approx. 800 rpm to cool down the hardware.

Our portable laptop desk is perfect for your everyday work, since the adjustable height and angle support an ergonomic and healthy body posture. In addition, the side tray for the computer mouse allows to rest your hand in a comfortable and relaxing position. The computer table can also be used standing at high tables. Of course, the portable laptop desk is also suitable for watching films and TV series on your tablet, playing games, reading books an even as dining tray to eat your meals.

Please note that the laptop shown in the picture only serves for decorative purposes and is not included in the delivery.



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