Pickaxe Fiberglass pickaxe pickaxe garden groundwork

  • €4900

The pickaxe with the head made of hardened quality steel and the unbreakable handle made of fiberglass is the perfect helper for all demolition work in the garden or on the construction site. The two-sided, robust steel head can be used for digging and cutting roots, as well as breaking up harder ground covers or removing stones.

The weight ratio between head and handle is optimally balanced, which ensures easy swinging and enables energy-saving work. Additional comfort when working with the pickaxe is provided by the rubberized handle, which gives you a secure grip on the handle of the pickaxe.

So nothing stands in the way of earthworks in the garden or on the construction site and the soil can be shaped according to your own ideas.

Dimensions: Handle diameter: 35 x 27 mm
Handle length: 925 mm

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