Petrol Ground Drill 3.2hp 62ccm with 1.2l Tank and 250mm Bit

  • €39900

This set contains a ground drill with a 3.2-hp engine (2.4 kW) and a 250-mm auger drill bit.

This ground drill is the ideal tool for facilitating divers gardening, landscaping, or forestry jobs to do that are connected with drilling holes. Whether for plants, fence posts, bases, or drainage shafts, for all these purposes, having a powerful ground drill is a good starting point.

The petrol-operated drill is equipped with a powerful 3.2-hp engine with 62-ccm capacity and has a tank capacity of 1.2 litres. If combined with a suitable auger drill bit, it makes for a smooth boring at a max. speed of 3000 revolutions per minute.

Due to its stable fabrication, the drill scores with its durability and reliability. It can be operated easily and has two handles that allow a comfortable manipulation.

The auger drill bit included is the perfect addition to your ground drill and is ideal for private use as well as professional use in agriculture, forestry, and landscaping.

The drill enables fast and clean drilling, so you can easily place and fix fence posts, trees, foundations, or drainage shafts in the ground.

With a diameter of 250 mm and a stable cast iron shape, the drill is particularly reliable and durable. The hard tip can easily show its full potential in all soil types and thus enables a fast and precise drilling.


Auger drill bit:
Length: 760 mm
ø 250 mm
Blade thickness: 2 mm
Blade distance: 220 mm

Pointed tip:
Length: 75 mm
ø 15mm

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