Pack of 20 XXL Heavy Duty 9.0x1200 mm Self Locking Cable Straps

  • €2200

These cable ties made of polyamide (PA6.6) impress with their tensile strength, dimensional stability under heat up to a temperature of 85°C as well as their flame retardant properties due to self-extinguishing.

Due to their load-bearing capacity and resistance, cable ties are indispensable in many different areas, such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or trade, and are also used in private households or workshops.

The binder is simply placed around the objects to be fastened and the end is inserted into the locking head until the fastener clicks into place. After tightening the cable tie, the excess end can simply be cut off.


Dimensions 9.0 x 900 mm
Material Polyamide (PA6.6)
Usage / Information / Features Material: Polyamide (PA6.6)
Heat resistant
Versatile use


Comes in Pack of 20

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