Outdoor Wooden Cat House Cat Shelter Weatherproof with Terrace

  • €17900

This lovely cat house with a modern design offers your cat an ideal shelter outdoors. It is not only stylish, but also sturdy and weather-resistant: a must-have for every cat owner. Made of sturdy spruce wood, it is covered in a water-repellent paint so that your kitten can remain outside even on rainy or snowy days.

With a size of 950 x 670 x 690 mm, this cat house is quite commodious, offering more than enough space for your beloved pet. This cat home additionally possesses a terrace serving as both, a spacious sleeping area, allowing your cat to bath in rays of the sun and an observation deck.

While offering enough space for your beloved pet to feel comfortable, this house is at the same time compact enough to be effortlessly placed on even smaller terraces or balconies. The pedestals facilitate cleaning and additionally prevent your cat from suffering due to the ground being cold.

• Cat house made of spruce wood
• Terrace and chimney
• Protection against rain, draught, sunlight
• Dimensions: 950 x 670 x 690 mm



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