Nordic Walking sticks with anti-shock damping system continuously adjustable - Various colors and quantities -

  • €7900

Product description
Nordic walking - that is, fast walking originally comes from competitive sports. Nordic walking activates the entire body
even stronger than when jogging. As a result of sitting a lot in everyday life, the hips are usually bent and the back is often bent. Nordic walking
forms an ideal counterweight. It stretches the hips and strengthens the back, shoulder, leg and gluteal muscles at the same time. Use
So use our Nordic Walking sticks and start training today.

With anti-shock suspension that can be switched on and off.
Particular strength thanks to duralumin * aluminum alloy.
Safety steel tip.
2 times telescopic length adjustment.
Exact length adjustment through printed numbers.
Including 6 plate attachments. (50mm)
Including 2 asphalt pads.
Infinitely adjustable length.
Adjustable hand straps.
Ergonomic handle made of a cork / plastic combination.
Easy to transport thanks to the 2-way length adjustment. (68 cm)
Clamp to hold the sticks together.

Technical specifications:
Infinitely adjustable: 65 - 138 cm
Weight: approx. 572 g (286 g per pole)
Material: Coated aluminum stick, rubberized asphalt pads, handle cork / plastic combination, nylon hand straps.

Scope of delivery:
Nordic walking sticks with accessories
* Duralumin (ium) is an aluminum alloy which, compared to pure aluminum, achieves a particularly high strength and hardness.