Natural Wood Room Divider / Privacy Screen 1.8m

  • €11900

Brand new and price includes delivery anywhere in ireland.

oldable divider made of trendy bamboo, H x W x D approx. 179 x 180 x 2 cm - 4-piece protective wall, eg Use in the sleeping area or in changing room - create retreat areas in your apartment.
If there is no need for it, the Spanish wall can be folded quickly and easily - Folded, its H x W x D dimensions are only approx. 179 x 45 x 8 cm - no space wasted.
Each privacy screen panel of the divider is approx. 45 cm wide - the privacy screen covers between 30 and 154 cm in height - protect yourself and other people from prying eyes.
Intelligently separate your rooms into different areas with this divider and improve the living environment - the natural and elegant look blends into any home without any problems.
Sturdy and robust divider for your rooms - The frame is made of wood - the bamboo struts are wrapped with a paper rope - hinges ensure a smooth folding mechanism.

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