New Fold up folding bike bicycle

  • €24900

  • Front V brake for safety brake
  • Shimano 6-speed adjustable derailleur and freewheel
  • Wheel reflectors and LED battery light for increase night visibility
  • 20" Wheel diameter bike great for ages 7+ years
  • Front and rear rain gear for riding in wet and wet areas can be kept clean
  • Black leather built-in foam seats for comfortable driving
  • Handlebar and seats height adjustable for individual height adjustment
  • Setting rear seat bag for Loaded personal items and Into the water bottle
  • Bike bell for reminded of passing vehicles and pedestrians
  • Knurling professional tires for  prevent puncture and wear
  • Handlebar and pedal surface bumps bump pattern for anti-skid
  • Foldable frame is advantageous to take the public transportation or the subway, also can save the storage space

Package included:

  • 1x 20 inch  black folding bike

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