Neopren Short Dumbbell 10kg Purple Dumb-bell Nonskid Weight

  • €6500

Our neoprene short dumbbell marvellously completes your full body training. For the 10 kg dumbbell allows you to activate very specific muscle groups to give your training a maximum effect. Furthermore, the training with short dumb-bells involves smallest compensating movements during the different exercises for your body to keep its balance. Because of these efforts of your body to keep a stable stand, the deep muscles are as well activated. Thus, not only are individual muscles strengthened, but also is the stability of the whole body increased.

Moreover, this pair of short dumb-bells can also be integrated in other training units, e.g., in your aerobic or gymnastics exercices. Hereby, you will be able to complete them and raise them to a higher training level. It is by diversifying your training and the stress exerted onto your muscles that these are activated in a better and more extensive way. In this manner, training may pay off faster.

The anti-skid neoprene coating of the purple dumbbell makes for a good grip. In this way, the dumb-bell lies well in the hands in spite of all your exertive exercises and all the slippery sweat flowing like water.

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