Sezer Portable Pls1 Milking Machine - Single cluster for Cows

  • €97500

This portable milker is perfect for all farm conditions, especially colostrum collection. Using a portable milking machine for colostrum collection is growing in popularity on farms across Ireland to ensure efficiency during busy calving periods.

Using the bucket milker post calving, it is more gentle and does not cause injury to the teats/udder

Its simplistic design not only makes it user friendly but also very easy to maintain, as well as being small and easy to move through sheds and cubicles.

It will save you a lot of time milking sick animals and for faster and easier milking post calving, ensuring calves get this all the essential nutrients as soon as possible.


Type Single cluster Single bucket

Engine 0.55Kw 1500rpm
Voltage 220V - 50Hz
Flow rate 200lt/min
Bucket Stainless steel bucket 30lt
Claw type 240cc
Certification ISO, CTA, CE
Warranty 1 Year Warranty

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