Mini Electric Exercise Bike 80W Pedal Trainer for Arms Legs

  • €10,00000

This mini electric exercise bike does not require much space to move your legs and arms. The compact exercycle is small of size, measuring 39 x 35 x 32.6 cm, and can be placed in virtually every room so that you can even do training in your office or kitchen. On this practical spinning bike with pedals, you will be able to kill two birds with one stone: looking your favourite TV series and training your muscles.

The 80 W mini stationary bicycle is equipped with an LED screen that displays the distance covered, the time needed, the speed reached, and the calories burnt. For the device to improve your fitness, the resistance level can be adjusted to six levels, from 0 to 5. Likewise, it allows you to choose between 12 speed levels and to diversify your workout.

The base feet made of steel make for the stability required. Both housing and pedals are made of plastic; thus, you will get a robust training device that withstands a max. load capacity of 120 kg. For the pedals to be applied smoothly, the device comes as well with an iron flywheel.

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