Milkbar Single Feeder 3L with Lid

  • €5500

Incredibly robust and durable, the Milk Bar™ 1 will last many years of hard work.
The hooks fit a 25mm rail and the feeder has a self-locking catch to secure it to a rail.
A nicely positioned teat channel is comfortable for the calf and ensures the feeder completely drains.
Finger grips make this feeder easy to carry and it comes with a lid to stop flies.
Fitted with a Milk Bar™ Teat to improve calf digestion.


You can hang the Milk Bar™ 1 on rails or pipes up to 25mm wide. Make sure you don’t force the feeder onto a wider rail as it can result in cracking the base of the hook.
To give your calves the best drinking position, hang the Milk Bar™ 1 on a rail around 80cm high. This puts the teat at 60cm which is the optimum height for calves and helps the oesophageal groove to close.

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