Milk Bar™ Classic Mobile Range 40 -- 50 -- 60 Teat

  • €3,20000

Milk Bar™ Classic Mobile Range

The Milk Bar™ Classic Range is perfect for farms where calf paddocks are fairly close to the shed, so travel is reduced.
The feeders have a single axle, a 500L tank and are a lovely simple feeder to handle and use. With an optional extra tow ball, you can tow a couple at a time.
Trailers are made from heavy gauge, hot dipped galvanised steel and the tank and manifolds are a food grade, UV stabilised polyethylene.
Fitted with Milk Bar™ Teats to reduce cross suckling and improve average daily gains. These feeders are well balanced, nice to tow and easy to clean.

Available in three sizes:


Milk Bar™ 40 Classic
Code MB40C
Milk Bar™ 50 Classic
Code MB50C
Milk Bar™ 60 Classic
Code MB60C

Teats: 40 Teats: 50 Teats: 60
Teat space: 140mm Teat space: 110mm Teat space: 110mm
Volume: 500L Volume: 500L Volume: 500L
Axle: Single Axle: Single Axle: Single
Length: 2.2m Length: 2.2m Length: 2.8m
Width: 1.75m Width: 1.75m Width: 2m
Drawbar: 1.55m Drawbar: 1.55m Drawbar: 1.25m
Weight: 145kg Weight: 145kg Weight: 157kg

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