Make-Up Cabinet With 6 LEDs, Lockable Wall Cabinet With Mirror

  • €15900

When you look at the heaps of colourful dice of jewellery that takes your dressing table, what would you like to do? Please do not throw them into the next drawer, but use this jewellery cabinet instead.

Jewellery storage like a professional: Store earrings on the earring holders, chains on the hooks and bracelets on the bracelet bar. But what about the compartments that are still free? For example, fill them with jewellery care products, perfumes or other small items. Thanks to the generous and clever layout of this jewellery cabinet, you can arrange your jewellery like a pro.

Beauty program without obstacles: Since you have stored your jewellery neatly, you no longer have to hectically search for lost earrings or untangle your tangled chains. Rather, simply choose matching pieces of jewellery from this all-in-one jewellery cabinet and check your outfit in the large mirror before you leave the house. From now on, every morning will be wonderful!

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