Luxury Dog Kennel Dog House Wood Balcony

  • €24900

Shelter your dog from influences like draught, rain, snow, cold temperatures and provide it with a comfy and luxurious home. The dog house has one story.

Heightened feet allow for the kennel to be cleaned easily and at the same time protect the dog from cold grounds and humidity.

The spacious outdoor decking allows the dog to move freely without having to step down from the kennel and also provides a covered feeding area.

Assembling the hutch is easy and does not require any special skills.


XL luxury dog kennel made of spruce wood
Measurements (in total) 93,5 x 105 x 77,5 cm
Measurements (of house) 93,5 x 70 x 77,5 cm
Measurements (of patio) 80 x 35 x 33 cm

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