LUXTRI Watertight Red Dry Bag 30L 27x61 Waterproof Pack Rucksack

  • €1,000,00000

Protection against water instead of frustration due to damages – this dry bag is the perfect companion for different outdoor activities. It is reliable in protecting your equipment, clothes, electronic devices, and valuables from humidity, sand, and dirt.

The appearance as well as the functionality of this dry bag is a sure trump card. It is made of a sturdy, hard-wearing material which offers protection against humidity and which, thanks to its smooth surface, is easy to clean. Thanks to its little weight and flexibility, the bag, when not in use, can be folded up and stowed away easily. Thus, it is an essential accessory for your beach days, boat trips, water sports, winter sports, and a lot more.

It is via an opening on the upper side of the 30-ℓ dry bag that you can put things into it with a flick of the wrist. Afterwards, you only have to roll in and click fast the edge – voila, your objects are safe and protected. The bag can be comfortably carried in your hand or fixed to another object. As an option, you also can use the carrying strap to transport the bag with even more comfort.

In our on-road test, we used the 30-ℓ bag for bikepacking and were able to stow a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, rain jacket, and rain pants in it. Thus, important pieces of equipment were always within reach, and there was more space in the bike bag for other useful things.

Dimensions: 27 x 61 cm

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