LUXTRI Pole Dance Professional Vertical Bar Ø45mm Adjust. 2.31-2.74m

  • €100,00000

This professional vertical pole dance bar allows you an efficient and diversified training of your whole body. For pole fitness is an all-round activity that combines coordination, strength, and flexibility. Nevertheless, no elaborate mounting is needed; the bar can be clamped between the floor and ceiling to a height of between 2.31 and 2.74 m. Thus, drilling or screwing is not required. It is due to the easy and simple mounting that the bar is portable and can hence be transported. The maximum load charge of the dance bar is 150 kg, and the bar has large clamping plates that ensure its stability, even with exercises that require more impetus.

With the help of this dance bar, all muscle groups can be activated and thus strengthened. Pole fitness especially trains the upper part of the body together with the arms and belly, for with most of the exercises, the weight of the own body has to be lifted or held. At the same time, the divers exercises train your mobility and coordination. Thus, pole fitness leads to a better sensitivity towards your own body and to an increasing agility. But you will certainly use some weight, too. After all, an hour of pole fitness burns up to 400 calories. So, if you combine training with our professional dance bar and a healthy diet, your muscles will grow and your pounds fade away.

Dimensions: Height: 2.31–2.74 m
Diameter: 45 mm
Length screw thread: 2.8 cm

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