LUXTRI Padel Ball Set COMP 3 Yellow padel balls for advanced users

  • €1,00000

Have you discovered padel tennis for yourself and are you looking for suitable balls? No problem, you will find the right padel ball with us.

Choosing the right padel ball depends, among other things, on your own preferences and level of play.

Information for all newcomers: At first glance, padel balls can hardly be distinguished from tennis balls because they are about the same size. Our balls are 65.5-68.5mm in diameter and weigh 56.5-59.4g.

However, padel balls have a slightly lower air pressure than tennis balls. This means the balls are a bit slower and don't bounce as high, making it more suitable for the smaller padel tennis court. Our padel balls have an air pressure between 10 and 13 psi.

The core is made of high quality rubber. The durable cover is made of wool and nylon. Padel tennis balls are uniformly yellow in color.

Due to the material used, the size and the air pressure, these padel balls belong to the normally fast balls.

Overall, the padel balls are particularly suitable for advanced users, but also for professionals in training or in their free time.

The can contains three balls.

Outer diameter: 65.5-68.5mm

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