LUXTRI Barbell Dumbbell 2in1 Set 20kg 12 Weight Plates Adjustable Bar

  • €10,00000

Enrich your strength and fitness exercises with this 20 kg barbell and dumbbell set. This 2in1 kit contains two dumbbells and an additional extension rod, which can be turned into a barbell. Barbells are suitable for lifting heavy weights. Dumbbells, on the other hand, target specific muscles systematically to reach the maximum training effect. Both, the barbell and dumbbell workout, strengthen the body by forcing it to make minimal balancing movements during your exercise routine. In addition, these balancing movenments are not only ideal to activate the large muscle groups but also smaller, yet important, stabilizing muscles.

The training kit includes four 0.5 kg weight plates, four 1.25 kg weight plates, four 2.5 kg weight plates, two dumbbell bars and a 30 cm extension rod. All bars are equipped with lockss to secure the weight plates. The weight plates are plastic coated, to protect the floor. To avoid injuries and achieve optimal training results, the lifting weight should be increased progressively. Thanks to the weight plates, you can incerase the load slowly and step by step.

The dumbbells are suitable for a variety of strengthening exercises, such as lateral raises, bench press or two-arm rows. Use the extension bar to turn the dumbbell into a barbell and train your strength with squats, deadlifts and bench press. With your very own barbell and dumbbell 2in1 set you kan take your workout with you anywhere you want and are independent of the opening hours and distance to the next gym or fitness studio.

Dimensions: Dumbbell bar extension: 30 cm

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