Large Aviary Wood Bird cage Animal cage 890 x 660 x 1740 mm

  • €23900
  • Save €6000

For the birds it is essential to act out their need to fly. This is why bird lovers should set up a large-sized aviary to meet the birds´ requirements. It is the garden that is considered the ideal place to do this. Outdoor aviaries encourage the welfare of your birds.It is the different incentives caused by the weather conditions that contribute to their balance and well-being.

We offer a bird home made of high-quality wood, that offer sufficient protection against sun, rain and vermin. The bird home is well-suited for small birds just like canaries, budgies or finches.

The sturdy construction of weatherproof wood and wire mesh provides for daily pleasure in observing the birds and sufficient fresh air. The dimensions of the aviaryare: 890 x 660 x 1740 mm. The weight is 19,5 kg.

The green roof is coated with bitumen. Included in the delivery are three perches which can be placed individually in the aviary. The birds are able to relax and sleep on these. A tiny ladder allows them to ascent and descent. There is a drawer integrated at the bottom of the bird house. The removable excrement pan facilitates the cleaning.
There is access for cleaning and feeding by the means of 2 doors.
The 4 stands provide for air circulation below the cage.

The assembly of this attractive aviary is done without any effort.



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