Kettlebell Black 12kg Cementfilled Dumbbell Round Weightlifting

  • €3500

Using this black kettlebell will add a new level to your workout. For the 12 kg round barbell, applied for your full body training, scores by its effectiveness and diversification of possible exercises. This who believes in regular training with the kettlebell will see that his or her muscular strength can be increased and his or her coordination and endurance improved.

Unlike commonly shaped dumbbells, the kettlebell can be swung, which is of a sure advantage. It is this swing method that makes the round dumb-bell so popular among fitness enthusiasts. After all, swinging the dumb-bell will strengthen more than one muscle group at the same time. Among these, you find the musculature of trunk, back, and arms, all of which are activated whenever you swing the kettlebell. Moreover, the kettlebell can also be applied as additional weight whenever you do squats or lunges. That is how your gluteal muscles and the muscles of your legs are now trained, too.

Its plastic-coated cement filling gives the kettlebell the necessary weight. Thus, the dumbbell is both floor friendly and easy to clean after the training.

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