Intercooler LLK Aluminum Turbo INTERCOOLER No.006

  • €10,00000

With this intercooler you can increase the performance of tuned or turbo engines, because by reducing the temperature of the supplied air, the air in the engine is also cooled, which increases the output and efficiency. For example, reducing the charge air temperature by 10°C can result in an increase in performance of 3-6%. The charge air cooler has a charge air inlet in the Bar and Plate (squared) design.

A larger intercooler therefore plays a major role for those who want to increase the performance of their engine without stressing the cylinder head and valves or - in the worst case - to avoid engine damage.

Depending on the outside temperature, the charge air can be cooled by up to 40-55°C (performance increase by 12 - 33%). The higher the charge pressure rises, the higher the charge air temperature and the lower the density and oxygen content of the air - as a result: the charge air cooler (intercooler or LLK) counteracts a rapid loss of performance.

Our intercooler therefore lowers the high temperatures caused by charging. Due to the better filling, it ensures more power, more torque, higher efficiency, lower back pressure and thus lower turbocharger load and less heating of the charge air.

The aluminum intercooler is simply installed between the turbocharger and the engine. It has the dimensions: length: 530 mm, width 230 mm and height 65 mm.

The connections on the sides are perfectly welded and therefore no pressure can escape.

Please note that the intercooler is not approved for use on public roads, but is only suitable for use in show cars and similar vehicles.

Dimensions: Net size 550 x 230 x 65mm