Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 305x71x10cm SUP Accessories

  • €35900
  • Save €9000

The SUP board is made of extremely durable, double-layer PVC. Thanks to the anti-slip surface (EVA), the board can be used both standing and sitting. In addition, the integrated traction pad provides extra cushioning, a safe grip and a soft spot for kneeling or doing yoga exercises.

A sturdy carrying bag of polyester is included to make transporting and packing the SUP as easy as possible. Simply unpack the board upon arriving at your destination and put it back in the bag after a great day on the lake, river or sea. Since inflatable SUPs are not as bulky as solid stand-up paddle boards, they are much easier to transport.

The supplied paddle is the perfect complement for your stand up paddle board. The paddle shaft is made of high-quality aluminium and has an ergonomic handle of durable plastic. The paddle is adjustable for setting your preferred height (170-210 cm) and for space-saving storage.

The repair kit is perfect for repairing the SUP board and other inflatable items such as kayaks, rubber boats and canoes. The repair set contains two PVC sheets (black and white), a valve tool and an extremely strong PVC glue that even adheres under water. The durable PVC sheets are waterproof and therefore ideal for repairing holes or scratches. The valve wrench enables you to tighten and loosen the valve on your SUP.

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